Upcoming Military Review Themes

Global Insurgencies (Mar-Apr 2016)

  • Quranic concept of war
  • Updates on regional conflicts
  • Regionally aligned forces reports from the field

Army Firsts (May-June 2016)

  • The importance of land power and its part in national security (including national defense and foreign relations): a hundred years ago, today, and a hundred years in the future
  • Past wars–What worked/what did not work; what is and is not working now
  • Weapons systems, an operational approach, right/wrong implementation
  • Females in combat military occupational specialties
  • Status of openly gay and lesbian service members and acceptance
  • A comparison of male and female posttraumatic stress disorder

The future of Innovation in the Army (July-August 2016)

  • How much innovation is just right? Can you have too much?
  • Historical examples of institutionally fostered innovation
  • Institutional and cultural obstacles to innovation in the U.S. Army of the twenty-first century

Dealing with a Shrinking Army (September-October 2016)

  • Lessons from post-Civil War, post-World War I, post-World War II, post-Vietnam, and post-Cold War
  • Training to standard with limited resources
  • Quality retention during forced drawdowns
  • The good, bad, and ugly of distance learning

Tides of History: How they Shape the Security Environment (November-December 2016)

  • Mao’s three stages of revolutionary warfare and the rise of ISIL and Boko Haram; winning by outgoverning
  • Collisions of culture: The struggle for cultural hegemony in stability operations. Can a nation survive without a common national narrative?
  • Case studies: Histories of illegal immigration and how such have shaped national development in various countries
  • Does the military have a role in saving democracy from itself? Compare and contrast the military’s role in the life of the Weimar Republic and Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood rule of Egypt.