Submission Guidelines

Through the Smoke
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Our Goal

As computers become further integrated into our lives, the need for clear and cogent writing increases. Writing matters. The Army Press Initiative seeks to help writers find a medium for publication.

Army Press serves writers as they move from idea to polished piece to publication. We can help at any point in the process. Email us with your idea or draft & we will help you make it as competitive as possible for acceptance. If you don’t know where you’d like to see your idea get published, we can also help with that.

Our Process

We serve by:

  • Helping soldiers and civilians develop the clarity of their ideas
  • Helping those ideas find publication and an audience
  • Training writers in the art of seeing writing as entering a conversation

To that end we:

  • Mentor writers
  • Work with our network of editors to find writers publication space
  • Moderate our Commentary, our controlled chaos idea pit
  • Curate relevant scholarship from a wide range of publications


Your Resources

 Look through our publication list for where your idea or article might fit best. We provide links to each publication’s submission guidelines. You can also contact us for assistance in readying your piece to send to any publication. You can contact us at any point in the writing process. We are here to serve.

The Army’s best resource is critical thinking skills. The Army Press seeks to provide a training ground for the intellect. To that end we publish books, monographs through CSI, articles through Military Review and NCO Journal, and essays and opinion pieces in our online forum.

For editorial assistance with a manuscript for another publication, click here.

What We Publish

Each publication has its particular submission requirements. Be respectful & mind the details of the Author Guides.

You can use this website to submit to our Army Press publications by emailing us your manuscript, or click on the links to use their sites to submit. We also have links to other Army publications for your perusal.

Books (CSI Press)

We seek to publish books that examine some aspect of military strategy, education, or ethics. The main question the Army faces today is what changes can be made to face the future with success.

We also seek to publish work on understudied engagements, memoirs, and collaborations from symposiums, conferences or presentations.

Monographs (CSI Press)

Professional and academic monographs have been the starting point for many of the Army’s most significant changes over the years. You can start the next important discussion by submitting your research for the benefit of the Army Profession.

Author’s Guidelines for Books and Monographs

Articles for Military Review

Military Review seeks timely scholarship taking a far-seeing, objective stance on Army-related topics.

Upcoming Themes

Author Guidelines

Articles for NCO Journal

NCO Journal seeks pithy articles furthering the professionalization of NCO officers.

Author Guidelines

Book Reviews

Book reviews are published by assignment only. The purpose is to inform readers of the publication of a book of professional interest, to briefly tell what the book is about, and to provide a concise evaluation of the book by a qualified observer. The review should be from 450 to 500 words on a book published within the last year.

If you would like to be assigned a relevant, topical book to review, send an email to . Our publication, Military Review, currently serves as moderator for assigning reviews. Most, but not all, reviews also show up in that publication.

Book Review Guidelines

Army Press Online

APO seeks timely scholarship as well as more nimble commentary on recent events or trends in ideas within Army conversations.

Author Guidelines

Email the Army Press your manuscript for any of these imprints.


Submission Guide graphic

How To Turn Your Idea Into Publication

Your college classes are training you to write for your college classes, not for publication. The rules of a good class paper are different than the rules of a good article or blog post.

1) Understand the current conversation. What is ‘common knowledge’ on your subject?

2) Understand what the dividing lines are between perspectives. Understand the participants in the conversation, what their values are, etc. Understand what is important, to whom it’s important, and why it’s important. Understand where you fit into that spectrum.

3) From that, find out what is missing, what’s been overlooked, unconsidered, underappreciated.

4) Find out the style rules of the publication that best fits with your idea.

5) Craft your idea based on the above, and submit!

Email the Army Press your manuscript.