Professional Military Journals

We have compiled a list of military-related publications with a quick description of their mission, types of submission looked for, and word count.

Journals: Official Military Publications

Air & Space Power Journal (Air Force): Professional, peer-reviewed journal, the leading forum for airpower thought and dialogue. Seeks to foster intellectual discussion and debate among air, space, and cyber power leaders, both domestically and internationally.

Features: 5-6k Views: 3k-5k Commentary: 1.5-2k

IO Sphere (Joint Information Operations): Content consists of feature articles, research paper extracts, interviews, commentaries/editorials on all aspects of Information Operations, and supporting disciplines such as intelligence. Contributors comprise military and civilian scholars, operators, and analysts at the graduate and postgraduate level.

none specified. See link for issue themes and deadlines.

Joint Force Quarterly (DOD, Nat’l Defense University): Chairman’s joint military and security studies journal designed to inform and educate national security professionals on joint land and integrated operations; whole of govt contributions to national security policy and strategy; homeland security; and developments in training and joint military education to better equip America’s military to better meet tomorrow’s challenges while protecting freedom today.


Naval War College Review (Navy War College): Subject areas include maritime security: maritime strategy, operations, doctrine, planning, war gaming, technology, international law, military ethics, coalition warfare, operations other than war, regional security studies, civil (including media) relations, defense economics, leadership, and history.

min 3k, most run 5-9k Commentary, Research & Debate: 1.8-3.5k Letters to Editor: <1.8k

Parameters (Army War College): Manuscripts should reflect mature thought on topics of current interest to senior Army officers and the defense community. Focus is on the art and science of land warfare, national and international security affairs, military strategy, senior leadership, ethics, and military history with contemporary relevance.


Prism (Center for Complex Operations): Welcomes submission of scholarly, independent research from security policymakers and shapers, security analysts, academic specialists, and civilians. Evaluates submitted manuscripts on: topical relevance, continuing education for national security professionals, scholarly standards of argumentation and readability. Solicits authors who aggressively seek out and identify problems that should be fixed irrespective of agency perspective, conventional wisdom, or published doctrine, and who recommend clear solutions or arm the reader with actionable knowledge.

4-8k Book Reviews: 1.5-2k

Journals: Private Publications

Armed Forces Journal: Leading joint-service journal of commentary and ideas for US military officers and leaders in the defense community. Offers ideas and perspectives on military strategy, doctrine, technology, procurement, logistics, and more.

1k-3k words

not currently accepting submissions

Interagency Journal (CGSC Foundation): Forum to inform a broad audience on matters pertaining to tactical and operational issues of cooperation, collaboration, and/or coordination among and between various government departments, agencies, and offices. Topics include national security, counterterrorism, stabilization and reconstruction operations, and disaster preparation and response.


Marine Corps University Press (Marine Corps University): Engages thinkers from the academic, military and policy realms on issues of national security and international relations.


The Quarterly Journal (Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes): presents in-depth studies on current Euroatlantic security issues, addressing their list of current priority themes.


per Concordiam (European Center for Security Studies): addresses defense and security issues in Europe and Eurasia for military and security practioners and experts.

no length given. Preference indicated for emailing with idea before beginning to draft.

Magazines: Official Military Publications

Airman (Air Force): Produced by the Defense Media Activity for the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs. Journalistic style coverage of Air Force activity.
Armor: Seeks to share valuable information with the Armor and Cavalry community. Articles should share good ideas & lessons learned or explore better ways of doing things.

3.5k, but flexible on shorter or longer; Book Reviews & Letters to the Editor: 750 words

Army History: Welcomes articles, essays, and commentaries on any topic relating to history of US Army or to wars and conflicts.

2000k & 12,000k

Army Sustainment: Welcomes articles relating to Army Sustainment Branches (Logistics, Ordinance, Transportation)

Commentary: 800-1.6k Features: 1.6k-5k Spectrum articles: 2.5k-5k

Army AL& T: Army AL&T magazine is USAASC’s quarterly professional journal, comprising in-depth, analytically focused articles. The magazine’s mission is to instruct members of the Army AL&T community about AL&T processes, procedures, techniques and management philosophy; it is also to disseminate information pertinent to the professional development of workforce members and others engaged in AL&T activities.

Want material written to their themes, check site for upcoming theme. Roughly 1.5 k

Fires Bulletin: Looking for significant articles pertaining to field artillery or air defense artillery and its diverse activities. Subjects include (but aren’t limited to) technical developments, tactics, operational concepts, techniques and procedures; ho-to pieces, practical exercises, training methods and historical perspectives.


Infantry: Aimed at professional US military personnel, particularly company-grade officers and senior NCOs. Welcome writers to write or call with article idea, intended theme, scope and organization prior to submitting. Responsible for security review before submitting.

2000-3500; anything shorter, send along

Military Police/Chemical Review/Engineer: Each seeking articles that contain instruction, guidance, and other materials to continuously improve development of respective Branches.

no more than 2k

NCO Journal: Looking for experience & knowledge to help foster present and futures NCOs and positively affect the future of the US Army. Welcomes story ideas, info about events involving NCO participation, suggestions and recommendations relevant to NCO professional development or to the improvement of the website & its social media sites.

No limit to article length. See back issues for examples of style.

Soldiers Magazine: The heroic acts performed on the battlefield and the acts of kindness from humanitarian efforts demonstrate the strength of the Army. Seeks to provide information on people, policies, operations, technical developments, trends and ideas of and about the Department of the Army.

see back issues for style and content guide.

SRMC Star Sentinel: Quarterly epub on medical issues. Seeks to provide responsive, innovative, and reliable health services, and influence health to improve readiness, save lives and advance wellness in support of the Force, Military Families and all those entrusted in our care.

<800 words. Short, news-style.

War Times Journal: An online magazine which covers all periods of military history and military science. Goal is the quality preservation of articles and archives relating to wars and armed conflict, with an emphasis on eyewitness accounts and personal experiences.